Beyond Coffee Enemas

Now that you have mastered the coffee enema, here are a few other enemas for you to try.  Yes, I have tried all of these and I’ll let you know how I liked or didn’t like each of them. With any of these enemas If you start to feel uncomfortable, turn off the flow and […]

The Sleep Rx Part 1

Getting a great night’s sleep can be a real challenge for those of us with Lyme disease. For me personally sleep was one of my biggest issues. I had bad sleep for years before I found out I had Lyme and it got even worse once I began treatment for Lyme. Poor sleep affects almost […]

How I Handled Bad Days

Personally I’ve had my share of ups and downs throughout my recovery. This is natural and we’re all going to have better days and not so great days. The key is to keep getting up when you have your not so great days. Two things really helped my recovery: perseverance and faith. each and every single time. The backbone of […]