Have You Tried a Coffee Enema?

It’s amazing what we’ll do to feel better when we are not well. If someone had recommended I put coffee in my butt and hold it there for 15 minutes prior to me becoming sick with Lyme disease I would have thought they were completely crazy.

At some point during my research on how to get better from Lyme disease I came across a post on coffee enemas. I remember reading about the benefits and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I ordered an enema bucket from amazon and purchased some organic coffee from the store and did my first coffee enema as soon as my enema kit arrived.

And once I got over the weirdness of the whole experience I realized they made me feel pretty good. I did them consistently for a while and got some good results.Have You Tried a Coffee Enema



The benefits include:  

  • Improved mental clarity  
  • Increased energy levels  
  • Increased immunity
  • Increased glutathione production
  • Improved gut health
  • Cleanses & detoxifies the liver
  • Enhanced mood  
  • Elimination of heavy metals
  • Elimination of parasites, bacteria, and candida  
  • Easing constipation by increasing peristalsis  
  • Analgesic effect that improves pain conditions  
  • Easing of die off symptoms associated with cleansing protocols

Coffee enemas are a great way to detox and are a big help to the liver. When your detoxification pathways are not working optimally, you don’t detox heavy metals and other toxins. One of the things that happens is toxins get emulsified by bile and then get reabsorbed in your small intestine and continue to wreak havoc on your body.

With a coffee enema, bile flow is stimulated while simultaneously preventing up to 98% of the bile from being reabsorbed so you get the toxins out of your body. Coffee enemas are effective because every 6 minutes all of your blood runs through your liver to be detoxified. Doing a coffee enema reduces this time to 3 minutes.

The caffeine and choleretics in the coffee cause your liver and bile duct system to release bile into the colon and increase the flow of bile and this allows your body to use the bile created in your liver to get rid of toxins in your body.

To do an enema get an enema bucket and organic air roasted coffee. You want to use organic air roasted coffee because it is highest in palmitates. Palmitates increase your liver’s production of glutathione. This only happens when you do a coffee enema. The palmitates get used up and broken down when you consume coffee the conventional way.

Do a coffee enema in the morning after your bowel movement(s). If you do it at night the caffeine can affect your sleep. Start out with one a week and slowly increase to daily if your body it tolerating them ok. Those with cancer do them up to 6 times a day so use your best judgement and don’t overdo it. People do become addicted to this practice and that’s not good either.

Here are the steps to do a coffee enema:

  • Add 4 tablespoons of freshly ground organic air roasted coffee to 3 cups of filtered boiling water in a pot and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat source when you add the coffee to avoid boiling over
  • Let cool a bit and strain the coffee beans through a fine mesh filter or french press
  • Add the coffee to your enema bucket. Be sure to check the temperature of the coffee so you don’t burn yourself. I like a temp of around 100F
  • Make sure your hose is clamped so you don’t make a mess and try to get most of the air out of the hose
  • Lay down on some old towels positioned close to your toilet
  • Lubricate the end of the hose with coconut oil, lay on your right side, and insert into your rectum about 2 inches. I put a little coconut oil on my rectum as well so it slides in easier. Don’t overdo it though or the hose won’t stay put
  • Position the bucket above you and turn on the valve. Once the bucket has emptied, close the valve and remove the hose. Stay on your right side and keep the coffee inside of you for 15 minutes if possible

I usually make double the coffee because sometimes I can only hold the enema for a few minutes. Usually when this happens the second go around is much easier. It feels extremely weird the first time you do it but it gets easier.

Here are a few things you can do if you start to cramp or feel uncomfortable. Massage your stomach in a counterclockwise motion to help distribute the liquid. Sometime I’ll roll onto my back and raise my hips for a few minutes and this will often make the cramps go away.

Plan on sitting on the toilet for a bit letting stuff come out. At this point you can rub your stomach clockwise to help everything come out. Consider a squatty potty if you need help with elimination. I usually have a few more eliminations after getting up and walking around a bit so stay home for a few hours after, especially for your first few.  

If you want a step by step video then take a look HERE. Don’t worry, it’s not me and there’s no nudity.

And there you have it. Remember to take it slow and listen to your body. If you can’t hold it that long the first few times that’s fine. You’ll still get some benefits and it does get easier to hold with practice.