How I Handled Bad Days

Personally I’ve had my share of ups and downs throughout my recovery. This is natural and we’re all going to have better days and not so great days. The key is to keep getting up when you have your not so great days.

Two things really helped my recovery: perseverance and faith. Perseverance is knowing challenges are going to come your way, and tackling them head on Click To Tweeteach and every single time.


The backbone of perseverance is clarity. WHY you want to get better? Is it to be there for your spouse and kids, it is because you know you have a great calling in life? When you are pulled by something greater than yourself you’ll rebound faster from setbacks and come back stronger than before.

Faith is the second key component of successfully overcoming any obstacle you face. Whatever your belief system, if you have faith in something greater than you that faith will help you stay strong.

I’ve relied on my faith countless times, and surrendered to a higher power and trusted in that higher power to help me. And countless times it has!

When you have faith, and move persistently in the direction of a better life, you’ll find the motivation, drive and power to overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Faith in a higher power can induce positive emotions, which counteract stress and contribute to the state of physiological rest necessary for the body to heal itself.

Stay strong and use perseverance and faith to get you through your bad days. Click To TweetBetter days are ahead.