Lyme Disease Conference Notes, May 7 2016

I attended my first Lyme conference in Binghamton, NY on May 7th, 2016. I saw Dr. Richard Horowitz speak and following are some of my notes. I definitely learned a lot of new things and it was interesting hearing his approach. While I don’t agree with his approach of multiple antibiotics for as long as it takes there’s no denying that Dr. Horowitz is an authority on Chronic Lyme disease.

I was glad to hear him mention other factors that influence healing such as diet (Paleo or Mediterranean), resolving emotional factors, and practicing meditation.

  • 6% of Chinese population has Lyme
  • There are more than 100 strains of Lyme in the US
  • There is an increase in AI disease from environmental toxins
  • The common denominator is inflammation
  • Babesia is now the most common co-infection found in 40% of ticks & you need to address it along with Lyme. Babesia suppresses immune function
  • Dapsoneis a promising drug for Babesia & Lyme. It has been used for leprosy in the past and is good for dealing with persister bacteria, of which Lyme is one
  • Co-infections are the rule & there are now 36 different pathogens
  • 15 new Borrelia species in last 20 years
  • Borrelia Miyamotoi can be passed from the mother to nymph ticks. This is unusual because most nymph ticks are born Lyme free and acquire it from other animals
  • Thinks that sexual transmission is unlikely but possible
  • Co-infections increase neurological symptoms by increasing inflammation
  • More infections = more inflammation = more symptoms
  • 300-500 environmental toxins get in our body each day. A lot of these act as xeno-estrogens
  • Food allergies play a major role in keeping people ill
  • Paleo & Mediterranean diets both have positive results for AI
  • People should get off all grains not just gluten
  • Detox is very important. IV Glutathione can make a big difference
  • Too much inflammation turns off the pituitary. Need to balance hormones
  • IL-6 (this is a cytokine) is a main driver of insomnia
  • POTS – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
  • Leaky gut releases lots of histamines & this drives inflammation. Symptoms are itchiness, congestion, and runny nose..
  • The key is to get to all the underlying causes of inflammation
  • Many people that have a hard time recovering have high amounts of mold toxins which have an immunosuppressive effect
  • Low zinc = inflammation
  • Chronic inflammation is link between Lyme, Alzheimer’s, autism, chronic fatigue, & fibromyalgia
  • The higher your toxic burden the higher your risk for AD
  • Oxidative stress increases NF-kB
  • Even eating fish with mercury decreases AD
  • ALA increases glutathione production
  • Nrf2 activation reduces inflammation
  • Broccoli Seed Extract (sulforaphane) is great to reduce inflammation & has been shown to improve autism. Is best way to improve phase II detoxification pathways
  • Replace Zn, Cu, Mg (need RBC test for levels)
  • We also need to heal emotional trauma
  • Specialized Pro-resolving Lipid Mediators (SPMs) lower inflammation, increase IL-10
  • Low dose Naltrexone (LDN) helps with Crohn’s disease
  • The combination of antibiotics helps but does not cure. The addition of Dapsone has shown promising results. Dapsone has been used to treat leprosy & works on persister bacteria. It’s cheap but has many side effects. Causes huge herxes. One of the largest he has seen
  • Parkinson’s & AD patients have high levels of pesticides. Glutathione helps
  • Heavy metals & Lyme show the same symptoms
  • Meditation increases telomere length
  • Lyme, Bartonella & Mycoplasma are all persister bacteria & Babesia is a persister parasite
  • Europe has s huge Lyme epidemic
  • Methylene Blue 10 mg/ml reverses hemoglobinemia (too much hemoglobin in blood plasma)

And those are my notes. Hopefully you learned a few new things yourself. I know they were recording the presentations. I sent an email asking if they would be released and did not receive a response. I couldn’t find it on youtube either but maybe it will be released at some point.

I hope you are doing well and let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.