Minimizing Risks of EMFs

In my last post I gave you an overview of the dangers of EMFs and how they can make your Lyme symptoms worse. Today I want to share with you some strategies that you can use to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

antennaThe bottom line is that EMFs are another source of inflammation and we learned earlier that inflammation is the root cause behind your Lyme symptoms. Though we cannot escape EMFs completely there are strategies we can use to minimize exposure.

If you want to get really technical you can purchase meters to measure Electrical, Magnetic, and Radio Frequency fields. This is the meter I have and it’s very versatile for electric and magnetic fields however it is not good for RF radiation from cellular phones and wifi, though it will measure RF radiation from a microwave oven (which I hope you’re not using).

Most people are pretty amazed when they see the amount of EMFs that things like fluorescent bulbs, dimmer switches, hair dryers, and other appliances give off. I brought mine with me when I was looking for a new apartment to make sure I didn’t move into a place with high EMFs.

One other point. Distance is your friend. The further you can get away from the source, the weaker the field.

Following are 21 steps you can take to reduce your exposure and better enable your body to recover and heal and protect you and your family.

  1. Do not live near high voltage power lines or cell phone towers. If you do then strongly consider moving. I know it’s not easy. I lived in the DC metro area and moved to a small town in upstate NY to give my body a break from EMFs. If you live in a big city with a high population density that means more cell phones, wifi, and other wireless devices, making it almost impossible to give your body a break.
  2. Turn your wifi off at night or use a wired router. Using a wired router is best but one thing you can do is put your wifi on a timer and schedule it to turn off at night when you’re sleeping. Better yet, switch to a wired network. My cable guy looked at me a little funny when I turned down the wifi router. I explained to him my reasoning and definitely got his attention since he had some unexplained health problems. When I want to watch TV I run a LAN cable from my router to my blue ray player in order to connect to Netflix or Amazon. Not as convenient but much safer.
  3. Keep your bedroom an electronic free zone. Don’t have a TV in your bedroom and get rid of any other electronics in your bedroom. This will also allow you to get into a deeper sleep
  4. Do not use electric blankets or waterbeds. Electric blankets create strong magnetic fields and they have been linked to miscarriages and childhood leukemia. Waterbed heaters can have similar effects.
  5. Do not have dimmer switches in your home. I mentioned above that dimmers put off high levels of EMFs due to their manipulation of voltage to provide variable levels of power. If you need the ambiance of a dimmed light, light some candles.
  6. Run extension cords clear and away. Avoid extension cords running under or close to your bed and areas where you and your family spend time such as under or behind a couch as they emit electrical fields. Also keeping your cords organized and not in a tangled mess will decrease the electrical fields that they put off.
  7. Ditch fluorescent bulbs (and LED bulbs). Fluorescent bulbs produce high levels of EMFs and they also produce a lot of blue light (well discuss that in another post). LEDs don’t emit strong EMFs but they do emit a lot of blue light. Fluorescent bulbs also have mercury. Lyme and mercury toxicity go hand in hand and the resonant frequency from the mercury in the bulb can energize the mercury in your body causing even more harm. Switch back to incandescent bulbs which have a more balanced color spectrum and emit less EMFs. Not as energy efficient but much healthier.
  8. Ditch your electric alarm clock and switch to a battery alarm clock. Electric alarms clocks are another major offender of EMFs and most people sleep with them very close to their heads and this can have a big impact on sleep.
  9. Ditch your microwave. Most microwaves leak and emit a ton of RF radiation. Use a stove or toaster oven and your body will thank you and your food will taste a lot better too.
  10. Don’t use electrical radiant floor heating. Radiant floors are another source of EMFs and have been shown to emit levels of 100mG plus at the floor level.
  11. Position high EMF appliances against outer walls. For example, don’t have the back of your refrigerator on the other side of the wall from your headboard. This is a source of some of the highest levels of EMFs. Same with appliances like the washer and dryers.
  12. Keep your cell phone in airplane mode or off when not in use. Cell phones constantly send and receive signals. Don’t keep your phone close to your body when it’s on. Don’t keep it in your pocket. I see a lot of guys doing this and this used to be me. Little did I know I was frying my swimmers. My ex and I tried to have kids for 6 years. It never happened. My sperm were tested and my counts were within range but on the very low end. My swimmers also had poor motility, meaning they swam in circles instead of in a straight line. Well I haven’t kept my phone in my pocket for extended periods of time for a long time now and guess what? I got my girlfriend pregnant without trying. Ladies, do not put your phone in your bra…this has the potential to cause breast cancer.
  13. Use speaker mode or a headset when talking on your cell phone. If you use a headset then use an airtube headset and avoid standard wired headsets and wired headsets
  14. Ditch your cordless home phone and go back to wired phones. Some, such as DECT, are worse than cell phones in some cases and they consistently emit a signal. DECT phones are the worst offenders.
  15. Don’t keep your laptop on your lap. Just like keeping your cell phone in your pocket fries your sex organs, laptops do the same. Also consider a USB ground cord for your laptop since most have a 2 prong plug. scroll down a bit for this product.
  16. Switch from plug-in clippers to battery powered clippers. I cut my own hair using clippers. When I tested my clippers using my tri-meter it was off the chart so I purchased a rechargeable set of clippers that has much lower EMFs. My brain thanks me.
  17. Minimize use of hairdryer or get a wall mounted unit with a hose. Hairdryers are also off the chart with EMFs. Either let your hair air dry or purchase a wall unit where you can give yourself some distance from the motor.
  18. Install Stetzer Filters in the rooms where you spend the most amount of time. These filter out dirty electricity, another source of EMFs. I have one in my bedroom and one in my office.
  19. Avoid smart meters. This one can be difficult. I made sure there were not smart meters in the apartment that I moved into. That could change but I’m safe from them for now. The utility companies will tell you that these broadcast usage only a few times a day but when people use RF meters to test this most of them send and receive signal every 30 seconds and these are very strong RF signals. Many people have suddenly become ill when smart meters are installed in their home.
  20. Minimize use of baby monitors. I get that you need to keep an eye on your baby and I have a new born at the time of me writing this. But do your best to minimize this. Babies and children are even more susceptible to EMFs and baby monitors emit a very strong RF signal.
  21. Minimize the use of cell phones in your car. Car frames are metal and when you use your cell phone you’re basically turning your car into a microwave. At the very least open your windows and sunroof to help dissipate the EMFs from your phone.

I’m sure I missed some but these are some of the key steps that you can take to protect you and your family and minimize your exposure to EMFs.  You can also check out some great products at